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Aug. 1st, 2014


because everyone loves a survey!

I first did this in 2001 (i think). some answers are the same. but most have changed.

My favorite ways to waste time:
youtube, sleeping, playing with C.I.A.-T.'s toys
I get an adrenaline rush from:
soccer, watching ESPN, being near rlt
(Legal) Ways I Express Myself:
singing, playing music, acting
Movies that speak my language:
ordinary people, room in rome
Classes I Never Cut (okay, almost never):
Music Theory, Music History, Brass Methods, various ensembles
Beats me:
hip hop by christian artists (lecrae), gospel
I've got issues:
death penalty (Pro), women's rights, civil rights, legalization of marijuana, pro-life, school prayer (Pro), student rights
My living nightmares:
people asking me anything about rlt
What I live for (in no order):

A. soccer: it's a great sport

My Top 5 Reasons Why
1. physical action
2. players
3. cleats
4. grass
5. excitement

B. C.I.A.-T.
he's my son.

My Top 5 Reasons Why
1. he shares my dna
2. he loves me unconditionally
3. he makes me laugh
4. he gives amazing hug
5. he's my baby

C. R.L.T.
my 1st

My Top 5 Reasons why
1. he makes me happy
2. he drives me nuts
3. he smells awesome
4. he feels great
5. i love him

D. food & beverage
it's good and essential

My Top 5 Favorites
1. steak
2. beer
3. coke
4. cheetos
5. seafood

What's inside my head

My all-time favorite movie is:

i honestly cannot answer this question right now

The best book I've ever read was:

Ordinary People

The musician or band I'm most inspired by is:

Lecrae, DeVaughn Murphy

The song I have in my head right now is:

"Let Us See Jesus" DeVaughn Murphy

My individual style is a mix of:
comfort, color, and comfort

My dream road trip would be:
take a van all the way across america from Miami, FL to Seattle,
WA making stops in all states visiting people and taking pictures and smoking weed.

In my bedroom you'll find:

a full-size bed, a toddler bed, sewing table, fish tank (with 2 fish), LOTS of books, clothes, photos, rocks

Three words that best describe me are:
sweet, kind, passionate

I'm attracted to people who:
introverted, dark, need help, mysterious,

I'm really repulsed by people who:
stink, have a negative attitude, are too sensitive

If my life were made into a movie, I'd cast....

myself: no one can capture the true Loriness.

When I was little, I used to think that:

i'd be a psychologist

But now I know that:

i don't have the patience to help strangers talk through their problems

If I were allowed only one last meal, I'd choose:

steak, loaded baked potato, cowboy cookies, greens, gumbo, pickles,
salad with bacon, snickers, pitcher of blue moon and an irish coffee

If I won a million dollars, I'd:
pay off all my loans, credit cards, fix my car-give it RLT buy a new one for me & 1 for my mama

The thing that makes me so nervous is:
my family being hurt especially by my actions

The one thing that can make all the pain go away is:

being with RLT

When I'm old and gray, I'll be satisfied knowing that:

i was 28 when i had my 1st child

Oh, I forgot to tell you that:
i love my family. i'm working on my masters. i love coke. i love me.

Jul. 22nd, 2014


time keeps moving

i was sitting in class last night bored as all get out. decided to check out my old website. it's still up and running. CRAZY! No changes since 2006...wow. anyway, so this class is about technology in education...yeah i'm working on my master's in intervention specialist k-12. took me long enough but gotta love a program that's once a week. i'll be done while C.I.A.-T. is in 1st grade. He'll be 4 next week! INSANE!!! time sure does fly. rob & i get along wonderfully. i still live in mansfield. i want to move by november out of my parents' house. i'm leaning towards ashland just because i can't find anything i like here. anyway, rob has another child now so that's 3 girls 1 boy. we had some massive ups and downs over the years. sometimes you just have to grow. you fight, calm down, discuss, and move on. that's what we've had to do twice now. but to say only 2 times out of a "relationship" of 8 years is pretty impressive. i went to atl a few weeks ago for fgbcf conference. it was super fun and awesome. i love Jesus! still a sinner but i'm covered by the blood. just trying to be more like him. anyway, i need to shower so i can finish packing. going to dayton to see rob and have a photo session. some things never change. i'll always do what i can to keep a relationship with his son. he does what he can and it just amazes me how much he is enduring daily and yet still manages to get up and go. and it's hot outside. so i'm not happy about having to drive in 90 degree heat for 3 hours, but i'll survive.

Apr. 5th, 2012


so today has been quite emotional. i had a mini-anxiety attack when i got home from a stupid meeting. then my dad gets the call that my aunt donna has just passed. she's been sick for a bit, but it still isn't pleasant for me. then right after i find out, i have to go back to work and work til midnight. i know i'll be ok once i'm able to actually cry and sob and snot everywhere. until then, i will just keep it together. i'm exhausted & sleepy & hungry... anyway, enough of that. wearing this boot thing is getting old already. yes it helps but sheesh does it weight a lot! ok i lost my enthuasiasm for writing this.

Feb. 29th, 2012

leap day

so my birthday was kind of a flop due to circumstances beyond my control. still it was nice to hang out with Dan & see Vic, Anne & Sam. My hotel was nice. Anyway, my Aunt Donna is very ill so i may be going to Louisiana this weekend. It makes me sad. Really it does. Anyway, so my trip to dayton was good. I did get to see rlt. i didn't spend NEARLY as much time as i would have liked to with him, but 15 minutes of fun is better than 0 minutes ;) he & c.i.a.(t) had a good time together behaving the way boys do. anyway, it was a good time. i'm really sleepy & being this slow at work isn't helping the situation at all.

Feb. 1st, 2012

(no subject)

really getting excited for a couple key things coming up. 1. trip to dayton. haven't seen rlt jr since november. really can't wait for that. 2. superbowl! 3. 30th birthday celebration week! yes, i am delaying it 1 week but i am soooo sure i will be in a better mood then. so yes, in c-bus. ok then well, now that that is said, i'm go read some old entries & laugh at my silliness....

Jan. 28th, 2012

(no subject)

I just wanted to say that I am truly grateful for everything God has given me. I am truly blessed to have my amazing family, friends, & church. And I may have said something to Rob that I had not fully thought out. But it's all good. & my hir looks awesome!!!!!

Jan. 2nd, 2012

(no subject)

wow. this random weather is killing me. it's fecking freezing today! and it's snowing.....this is killing me. wow i just said that.i really miss Rob. not seeing him when i was in dayton made me super sad, but i survived. it amazes what he does to me without knowing it. really. it's kinda scary but not like screaming my face off scary but wow. can i really feel this way about him? scary. anyway, my fingers are freezing & i can't type well so done.

Dec. 20th, 2011

(no subject)

wow. i really have no words to describe how i feel right now. i'm truly blessed to have the amazing people in my life that i do. i'm thankful for every moment i get to spend with them. i wish that i could be more assertive in some areas of my life & no. not with my son's dad. Rob & i are in a good place finally. he knows what i expect from him. anything more is lovely & i appreciate it. you know, i thought i was really in the mood to just dump it all out there but now i'm not so sure. i may need to do this at a later time when i'm not distracted by this delicious cheese cake. so i've decided to straighten my hair in a while...not sure exactly when but it'll be before my birthday! i'm excited! i've not straightened it for a year! anyway, we'll see!!!

Nov. 19th, 2011

(no subject)

in like the last 3 years or so people (mainly people I went to WSU with) have been popping out their 1st child. me too. well, it now seems like they are adding the 2nd in a rather speedily way. i just don't get it. sure the 2 or 3 that i'm thinking all are married couples with dual incomes. however, seriously? i mean buying 2 sizes of diapers isn't for me. yes i want another child but not until C.I.A.(t) is 3 and/or potty trained. and it wouldn't be so hateful to be married, too. but hey i will take what i can get. if things go the way i want them to, C.I.A.(t) will enter kindergarten with his parents happily married living together somewhere that's not c-bus because i just don't want to live there. ok well, on other news, i'm actively looking for new employment. this place is ridiculous & yeah makes me itch. anyway, i'm a closet elitist & it's starting to show.....

Oct. 21st, 2011

(no subject)

so i looked & no. i didn't say anything about it but i remember who it was...wow, i was weird in college.

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